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Our knowledge

We have about under knowledge

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Integrated Pest Management

“Is an effective, approach to managing pests that combines cultural, physical and chemical

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We Get It Right Every Time

A 1 Pest Control is registered with the Department of Agriculture and are fully compliant

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We Get It Right the First Time, Every Time.

Registration and

A 1 Pest Control is registered with the Department of Agriculture and are fully compliant with their requirements for using environmentally friendly products.


Offer advice to help you prevent unwanted pests gaining access back into your property.

Improve Heath

Actively review risks and their controls in an effort to constantly improve standards of health and safety in the light of new technology, legislation and best practice.

Less Harmful
to Children

By using top quality products that are less harmful to children and pets, we provide peace of mind to our customers.

Hygienically and

We are also providing the hygienically and environmental works to improve the quality level of the in-house environment.

Eco friendly

A 1 Pest Control’s uses the latest, safest products and eco friendly techniques to protect homes and business from pests.

Child Friendly

Children are more vulnerable to Pesticides. Safety is an integral part of company’s services. Ours motto is to work with solid commitment by safeguarding customers health, property, environment & to save the future generations.

Health and Safety

We were particularly pleased to be awarded for Occupational Health and Safety. All these awards recognise not only our own achievements in the field, but also the Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Protection benefits we share with our customers.

Service is provided in schedules that fit your needs
• Weekly• Monthly• Bi-Monthly• Quarterly

All services are performed
with the professionalism and
guarantees that you demand.